Here are some pieces I’ve published, by publication.

The LA Times

All my current work can be found here

Older work

T Magazine

When Father John Misty Met Patton Oswalt

The Verge

Three Days at the Microsoft Office World Championship

Konstrui Pli Bonan Lingvon (To Build a Better Language)


An Afternoon with DJ Khaled, Who Has a Secret Cat

Breakfast with Director Edgar Wright, Who Was in Many Ways Himself a Baby Driver Once

Lucky Peach (RIP)

Press the Button – Automation and the Future of Restaurant Jobs (pdf)

The Roast of George Howell (print only – pdf)

Chocolate Covered History (print only – pdf)

Inside the Beggar’s Purse

Why Are Lobsters So Expensive?

MEL Magazine

The Mystic Synergies of Buddhism and VR

Making Sims Have Freaky Sex is a Tough Job, But Someone’s Got to Do It

Who Invented Those Weird Air Sacks?

Where No Man Has Come Before—The Man Behind the Galactic Cap


Why We Still Can’t Agree on Web Metrics


Biography of an Inflatable Tube Guy

Advancing Bio with an Open Source Robot

Audubon Magazine

Why Is The Kiwi’s Egg So Big?


The Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee Can Be Such a Grind(er)

LA’s Socially Aware Hot Sauce Art

Fast Company

You Are Where You Work: Nikil Saval’s Cubed

Bon Appétit

Sam Dean’s Best Stories Ever

Milk of Long Thickness: The Irish Before Potatoes

Eat Your Words: A Food Etymology Series

Hypocrite Reader

Kieselguhr’s Kid